Advisory Board

Prof. George Spanoudakis (BSc, MSc and PhD) is Professor of Software Engineering in the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering of City University London and Director of the Research Centre on Adaptive Computing Systems (CeNACS). He is also member of the Council of the University of Piraeus (2013 – ).

In the past, he has been Associate Dean for Research of the School of Informatics of City University leading its submission to the national research assessment (RAE) for the period 2008-13. His research interests are in cyber systems security, adaptive systems engineering and security certification. He has published more than 130 peer-reviewed papers and books, and has received more than €5.2m of funding through RTD projects funded by the EU, national research agencies and directly by the industry. These include the FP7 projects EMBalance (2013-16), CUMULUS (2012-15), ASSERT4SOA (2010-13), SLA&;SOI (2008–11) and S–CUBE (2008–12), and the FP6 projects SERENITY (2006-09), PEPERS (2006-08), GREDIA (2006-08) and SECSE (2004-08). Currently, he is the technical coordinator of CUMULUS and quality manager of EMBalance. Prof. Spanoudakis has served in the program committees of more than 165 international conferences and workshops and has chaired several of them including TEFSE ’02 and ’03, SEKE ’06 and ’07, CISIS ’14, NTMS ’14 and ACC ‘14. He has also been a member of the editorial boards of several international journals including the Int. J. of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Int. J. of Services Computing , and Int. J. of Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management.

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Theo Dimitrakos is Chief Researcher at BT Research and Innovation and a Professor at the School of Computing, University of Kent and member of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyber Security at the University of Kent that has been recognised as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research by EPSRC and GCHQ.

He has 20 years of research and innovation experience in Information and Communications Technology including 15 years of experience in Information Security, Trust Management and Distributed Systems. His research interests include Cloud Computing Security, Cyber Security, Identity and Access Management, Information Assurance and Compliance Assessment, Trust Management and Reputation Systems, Uncertainty Reasoning and Formal Logic. At BT, Theo leads the research and innovation activities on Information Security including Virtualisation and Cloud Security, Endpoint Security, and Identity Management. He has been leading innovation delivery projects with major security and cloud vendors. Theo has been the driving force behind new cloud security service additions in BT’s platforms and portfolios.Theo has also been involved in international research collaborations where has been the scientific coordinator and technical manager of some of the largest and most successful research and innovation initiatives in Europe, such as BEinGRID, TrustCoM and iTrust. More recently, he has also been the BT scientific and business integration lead in European projects OPTIMIS and the BT lead in STRATEGIC, ESCUDO and the EIT ICT Labs High Impact Initiative on Trusted Cloud. Theo has been a member of expert groups by ENISA – the European Network and Information Security Agency – on Cloud Security and Resilience on Cyber Security Strategy for Cloud and Internet Based services. He is also actively involved in the activities of Cloud Security Alliance in Europe.Theo is also the chair of the IFIP working group on Trust Management and a member of the IFIP technical committee on Security and Privacy. Theo has published six technical books, edited three guest editions of international security journals and authored over sixty scientific publications and twenty patents / patent applications.
Theo has been an invited speaker in leading government, industry and academic conferences and he has enjoyed lecturing and supervising MSc and PhD researchers.

Dr. Stelios Sartzetakis is a research director at Athena Research and Innovation Center, Institute for the Management of Information Systems, and coordinator of the strategy planning committee of the National Research Network of Greece GRNET. He has thirty years of research and consulting experience in Information and Communications Technology, especially broadband networks and converged telecommunications and media services. His professional experience has been a combination of academic research, government policy work, and independent consultancy. He headed the telecommunications and networks laboratory of ICS-FORTH participating in various research and managerial positions in more than a dozen international research projects and several national ones. He contributed to the research in the area of broadband network management, performance evaluation, traffic management, charging and accounting in broadband and wireless networks, and the design of large optical networks. He was principal in the creation of FORTHnet, the first Internet Service Provider in Greece. Dr. Sartzetakis was also visiting professor at the Dept. of Computer Science of the University of Crete where he taught graduate courses in Distributed Systems, High performance Networks: architecture and management, and Networks technology. He has a research record of over thirty publications in worldwide recognised journals, refereed conferences, and book chapters, and serves as a reviewer and member of several conference committees. He served repeatedly as a consultant to the EU Commission both as an evaluator of pre-competitive proposals and reviewer of research projects, and as the national representative for the program “Structuring the European Research Area” responsible for e-Infrastructures. He served as the chairman of the scientific committee of the Greek Broadband Task Force of the Special Secretary for the Information Society Ministry of Economy and Finance that issued the national broadband strategy. He worked for years as an independent consultant for private, public companies and governments, in Greece and abroad. He is actively involved in various national broadband initiatives, working groups and policy fora. His research interests include cloud based large data processing, storage and network programming systems.

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó, born 1968 in Vienna/Austria, studied law in Vienna and Paris. Since
2000 he is full professor for Legal Informatics and IT-Law at the University of Hanover, since 2007 co-head of the Institute for Legal Informatics () since 2011 also member and since
2013 member of the board of the interdisciplinary research centre L3S (). In addition, he has been serving as data protection officer (since 2013) and CIO (since 2015) of his University. He has been constantly doing research, teaching and consulting on all ICT-related legal issues, with particular focus on privacy, intellectual property and data security. He is regularly consulting public institutions such as the European Commission, the Austrian Parliament, the German Ethics Council and several national Austrian and German ministries on ICT-related issues.