Trusted and Compliant Clouds Community

On May 13th, a conference call took place among members of several EU projects and initatives, in order to plan joint event in the second half of 2015. This joint event would focus on joint activities, such as standardization, but also reuse of project results, especially in the area of representations of different machine readible (MR) agreements, such as SLA, SecLA, PLA or DSA, the monitoring of agreement violations, and automated enforcement of these agreements.

On May 28th , the second conference call found place with the participation of representatives
from Coco Cloud, Witdom, A4Cloud, Specs, Tredisec, PrismaCloud, SLALOM, Cumulus,
SECCORD, Clips and CloudWatch. The focus of discussions was once again organization of a joint event in Q3 or Q4 of 2015, but this time two support action joined, one from security research, one from cloud research lines, in order to improve event impact.

From July 2015, this ad-hoc project cluster (TACO - trusted and compliant cloud cluster), was merged with DPSP (data protection, security and privacy) cluster.

Face-to-face meetings and joint discussions of DPSP cluster in 2015

- 24 September, at Cloudwatch workshop in Brussels
– 7 October 2015, at Cloud Forward 2015, Pisa, Italy.
– 20-22 October 2015: Joint discussion at the following 2 Networking sessions at the ICT2015 – Innovate, Connect, Transform event., Lisbon, Portugal:

In 2016 several documents have been prepared for the publishing:

- Map of Synergies v1.0: Current picture of the clustered projects. Available at:
- Whitepaper on Future challenges towards DSM v2.0. Used as input in definition of WP 2018-2020. Available at intranet, not public.
- Web of the Cluster: Catalogue of clustered projects.