Related Projects

Prisma cloud project starts

Prisma Cloud is addressing techniques for outsourcing computation with verifiable correctness and authenticity-preservation allow to securely delegate computations to cloud providers. User privacy issues are addressed by data minimization and anonymization technologies due to the application of privacy-preserving cryptographic techniques. As feasibility proof, three use cases from the fields of SmartCity, e-Government, and e-Health, will be implemented and evaluated by the project participants.

Escudo Cloud project starts

ESCUDO-CLOUD provides security by wrapping the data with a protection layer; this operates with associated metadata and access methods that enable fine-grained data retrieval, access support, and selective sharing to the owner and authorised users, while protecting data and actions on them from the providers.

Coco collaborates with CLIPS

CLIPS 'Cloud approach for Innovation in Public Services' is a 30 month pilot project funded through the CIP Programme of the European Commission, aimed at the development of a new approach to the delivery of public services through the use of cloud computing. Coco-cloud could deliver results to be used in this context (see public administration data sharing pilot), so the collaboration between these two projects will be established, with a dedicated event in Q2 2015.


STRATEGIC project address needs associated with the secure and privacy-friendly replication, migration and extension of public cloud services and is producing a cloud-based infrastructure (including various tools and techniques) that could successfully address these needs for a number of stakeholders including public bodies, cloud application developers, cloud service providers and ISVs.


Cloud for Europe project identifies obstacles, finds innovative solutions and builds trust in European cloud computing.
Cloud for Europe uses pre-commercial procurement as an instrument for public sector innovation.